Our History

Letha’s Pies began 1990, when Letha Glenn began her business in her Fayetteville, AR home.  Letha made the pies and her husband Tom, delivered them on a route that included Northwest Arkansas and portions of Missouri.  A business decision moved them to the Branson, MO area, where they worked together building a steady wholesale, and retail business.  A devastating fire, in November 2008, destroyed everything they had worked so hard to build.


Letha’s Pies reopened in May 2009, in West Fork, AR, just outside of Fayetteville.  Letha’s son, Tim, and his wife Rhonda, have taken what was once a “mom and pop” business and transformed it to the manufacturing operation it has become today. The pies are being shipped throughout 8 states in the southern region, and are moving into several states in the Midwest, as well as some in the North.  We manufacture 10 flavors year round — Apple, Peach, Cherry, Chocolate, Coconut, Pecan, Lemon, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, and Apricot.  Pumpkin is made during the Fall Season and Banana is made by special order.   Letha is still an integral part of the business, although retired, she is always available as a resource , ensuring the pies today, taste just as good as the ones she made over 26 years ago.

We are happy to share a wonderful dessert with those who truly appreciate great traditional, southern cuisine!

“Words can’t describe how good they taste!”

Letha’s Pies, LLC